Jul 28, 2013

Jeera Kanji (Cumin Rice Porridge)

In our hometown (or even for the whole of Malabar), there's no Ramadan dinner without Jeera Kanji (a.k.a. Manja Kanji, Uluva Kanji, etc.). My mom used to make it on every night of Ramadan. It just wipe out the day's tiredness and preps you up for the next day's fast.

Shamna (my wife) makes these so nice that I forget that I am missing meat here... :-) This is her recipe... Try it out.

Serves: 4
Spice level: Mild

Preparation time: 15 Min.
Cook time (incl. Prep. time): 30 Min.


1. Rice - 1 cup (washed and strained)
2. Water - 5 cups
3. Fenugreek seeds - 1 Tsp.
4. Coconut milk - 1/2 cup (thick)
5. Shallots - 2
6. Cumin seeds - 1/4 cup
7. Salt - to taste
8. Shallots - 2 (small, thinly sliced)


1. Grind shallots, coconut milk and cumin seeds in a mixer to make a thick and creamy paste.
2. Add rice, water, salt and fenugreek seeds into a pressure cooker and cook it for about 10-15 mins. or till the rice is cooked. The cook time varies with the type of rice.
3. Reduce the flame and open the pressure cooker. Add turmeric powder and bring the rice mix boil
4. Add the coconut milk paste to the cooker and turn off the flame when it starts to boil
5. To a small frying pan add 2 tsp. ghee and fry the shallots until golden brown.
6. Pour the fried shallots along with the ghee over rice porridge and mix well to season the porridge. Serve it warm.

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  1. Guys.. I tried this recipe today.. and it was foolproof.. Thank You.. We loved it. :)